Puriderma Medical Silicone Scar Removal Extra Large Sheets [5.9''x1.57'']

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  • INNOVATIVE SILICONE FILM - outperforms both woven fabric and hard plastic film. Silicone is the number one Dermatologist & Plastic Surgeon recommended scar reduction treatment ingredient.
  • FAST & EFFECTIVE - eliminates existing scars in 3-6 months and new scars in 8 weeks.
  • REUSABLE - the reusable scar sheets are economical. You can simply wash with warm water and air dry or use a hairdryer.
  • BREATHABLE & ELASTIC - The soft and elastic silicone is comfortable on the skin and can be applied to joints, with great breathability. Experience no pain when peeling.
  • INVISIBLE & UV PROTECTION - Close to the normal skin color, the scar sheets have little visibility, and can effectively protect against ultraviolet radiation.
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