Lumanere Pedal Resistance Band Multi-Purpose Bodybuilding & Fitness Expander

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  • Multi-Purpose Training Tool - The 4-tube pedal resistance band is the perfect company for your daily exercise. Tone your body, build muscles and lose weight with this versatile tool.
  • For Your Whole Body - Sit down and pull up for toning your arms. Stand and pull to train your shoulders. Use it on sit-ups for stronger abs. Lift up your legs to exercise your leg muscles. The possibilities are almost endless!
  • Comfortable and Safe - Constructed with high quality latex, the resistance band has been tested for its safety and comfort. It’s designed for everyday use.
  • Durable and Well-Constructed - The resistance band offers optimal resistance and stability. It will not lose its shape, rip or fray.
  • Space-Saving, Perfect for Home Gym - As you can see, the resistance band does not take up any space unlike many of the bulky gym equipments. It is fashionable and lightweight, perfect for your home gym, or on the go!
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