Ubittek Anti Snoring Devices, Magnetic Silicone Anti Snore Nose Clip for Snoring

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  • ☑️ EFFECTIVE SOLUTION TO STOP SNORING – The Ubittek Anti-snoring nose clip effectively opens up air passages, providing an easy breathing channel to bring relief from snoring. If you are struggling with snoring, or your partner is struggling with your snoring, you will both appreciate the difference our anti-snoring nose clip will make.
  • ☑️ COMFORTABLE RELIEF FOR EASIER BREATHING – The Ubittek anti-snoring nose clip is not invasive, painful or harmful. The user’s comfort is at the heart of the clip design, it gently expands the channel in the nose and allows for better air flow, making sure you breathe easy overnight.
  • ☑️ HIGH QUALITY SILICON, SAFE AND INNOVATIVE – The comfort of our anti-snoring nose clip is attributed to the high quality soft silicon we used to construct its body. It is also BPA free as well as free from other chemical irritants – approved by FDA. The silicon construction also means it’s easy to keep clean.
  • ☑️ MAGNETIC AND EASY TO PUT ON – No adhesive needed, nor are there painful springs clamps involved. Soft elastic silicon and magnets has the clip held in place firmly painlessly. Just pop them on before sleep and the way you go.
  • ☑️ REUSABLE AND LONG LASTING – Both silicon and magnets are made to last, and easy to clean, making the Ubittek anti-snoring nose clip reusable and long lasting. Ditch those anti-snoring stickers that are consumables that needs to be purchased over and over again, switch to a reusable alternative.
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