BEALUZ Wart Remover, Maximum Strength Wart Removal Treatment

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  • COMPLETELY REMOVES WARTS – Our Wart Remover fights to eliminate common, plantar and genital warts through a simple application. NO burning, NO freezing!
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – No need to use wart remover products with harsh acids and chemicals. Our formula contains natural ingredients, yet is still highly effective!
  • FEATURES - Easy-to-use. Pain-free. Maximum Strength Formula. We are dedicated to giving you a quality and effective experience to remove your unwanted warts.
  • RESTORES SKIN – Not only does our product treat warts to remove them, but it also restores your skin back to normal without leaving a scar or trace of the wart.
  • BONUS COTTON SWABS: Comes with bonus cotton swabs already so you can immediately use it once it is delivered!
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