Air Purifier Hepa Particle Filter Sterilizer Portable Mite Sterilization Ultraviolet Light

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  • Suitable for home, restaurant, club, hotel, car, office, etc.
  • Regularly sterilize the environment to protect the safety of you and your family in time. Dirt and dust are easily separated to heal you every day
  • Use at night, mute noise reduction, does not affect sleep, or a night light
  • Features:--Ultraviolet radiation can remove odor.--Five-layer purification, Remove Physical pollution (PM2.5 / allergen/ Hair), chemical pollution (Formaldehyde / benzene / odor), microbial contamination (Bacteria / Fungi).--Can effectively kill bacteria, fungi, dust mites, viruses, etc. in a short time.--Closed UV, no radiation, no ozone residue, safe. Specifications:Model: HF-JH-0128Rated voltage: 5VRated powe
  • Ultraviolet sterilization effect up to 99.9%, USB connection (suitable for all occasions)
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